How to File Looseleaf Services:
A Filing Manual and Reference Handbook

Now your filer has a practical manual to explain how legal looseleaf services are organized and how to file a variety of looseleaf services.

How to File Looseleaf Services for Law Librarians

Table of Contents

Part I: The Nature and Organization of Looseleaf Services

  1. Introduction to looseleaf services
  2. What is a looseleaf service?
  3. Types of looseleaf services
  4. Who publishes looseleaf services?
  5. Different physical types of looseleaf binders
  6. General organization and format of looseleaf services
  7. Publication schedules and supplement numbering systems
  8. A systems approach to filing
  9. Flowchart of filing procedures
  10. Prototype of filing instruction sheet
  11. Filing in interfiled services/hybrid services/looseleaf treatises
  12. Filing in cumulative services
  13. Report letters/publication updates
  14. Checklist of current contents
  15. Replacement contents, replacement binders, new contents, shifting contents
  16. How long should looseleaf filing take?
  17. Dealing with problems
  18. Filer's claim record
  19. Advice and suggestions from other filers
  20. For additional information (selected resources)

Part II: Filer's Quiz and Answers

Part III: Selected Looseleaf Publisher Filing Instructions, Alphabetically by Publisher, with Annotations

Written by Elyse H. Fox, JD, MSLS, Law Librarian/Law Library Consultant, 1978-present. Practicing Attorney, 1975-1978. Legal Research Instructor, University of Michigan Law School, 1974-1975.

Ms. Fox has over twenty-five years of experience filing looseleaf services and training looseleaf filers. How to File Looseleaf Services: A Filing Manual and Reference Handbook has been purchased by law libraries and looseleaf filing services within the United States, in Canada, and abroad. Discounts are available on multiple copy orders (discounts begin at orders of two copies).

Copyright 2004, 100 pages, spiral bound, 8 ½ x 11", ISBN 0-941991-01-6.