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Get the timely and practical information you need! Law Librarian's Bulletin Board, a current awareness newsletter, brings you programs and strategies that law librarians are implementing in their libraries; news of what is happening in other libraries, library organizations, the legal publishing world, and the government; and reports of other issues and developments that affect you, your library and your patrons.

Newsletter for law librarians

Law Librarian's Bulletin Board is your source for practical information to help you manage your library and provide cost-effective services to your patrons during these challenging times. It also includes employment listings and writing and editing opportunities. Published 8 times/year to keep you current. We report information that applies to all types of law libraries (academic, private, government, and corporate) and our subscribers include librarians in all types of libraries around the world. Implement one cost-effective idea and you have more than paid for the entire year's subscription.

Editor: Elyse H. Fox, JD, MSLS, Law Librarian/Law Library Consultant, 1978-present. Practicing Attorney, 1975-1978. Legal Research Instructor, University of Michigan Law School, 1974-1975.

Columns in this law librarian's newsletter:

  • Library/Librarian News, Ideas and Strategies
  • Library Association News
  • Government Information
  • Industry/Vendor/Technology News
  • Writing and Editing Opportunities
  • Employment Listings

In past issues we have brought subscribers timely information, news and strategies regarding:

  • What you can do to combat rising legal serials costs
  • Why marketing is important for all types of law libraries and how to market
  • Tips for negotiating an electronic subscription contract
  • Creating a preservation program (large or small) in your library
  • Welcoming and orienting your new librarians to your organization
  • Working with a needs assessment in your law library; and much more.

Law Librarian's Bulletin Board is currently in Volume 25, August 1, 2013-July 31, 2014. Subscriptions include 8 issues: August 1, September 15, November 1, December 15, February 1, March 15, May 1, and June 15. You may begin your subscription with Volume 24, Number 1, or with any issue. Your subscription will run for one year and will include 8 issues, postage and handling. You can also order issues from previous years.

Stay current with the news and strategies that affect you, your library, and your patrons.

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