NEW–Tell Your Story: Writing and Publishing for Law Librarians



Write and publish professionally. Tell your story to your colleagues or your management. Details are below.

1 copy: $60; 2 copies: $114; 3 copies: $162; 4 copies: $204; 5 copies: $240. For higher quantity orders. please contact us.


Forthcoming, Spring 2020. Write and publish! Inform, educate, and persuade your readers. Publish in legal publications and library publications. Chapters will include:

  • Authors note
  • Introduction
  • Why write?: benefits and rewards
  • Writing well (in plain English)
  • Obstacles to writing
  • Writing externally for a legal audience
  • Writing externally for a librarian audience
  • Writing in various formats/different types of writing
  • How to begin
  • Writing habits and self-editing
  • Solo authorship vs. collaboration
  • Writing groups and other feedback from colleagues
  • Working with editors
  • Dealing with revisions and rejection
  • Serving as an editor, peer reviewer, or member of an editorial board
  • Where to publish
  • Author/style guidelines
  • Library association writing initiatives, activities, and awards
  • Examples of published law librarians
  • Library school writing initiatives
  • Writing exercises
  • In conclusion: write now!
  • Selected resources
  • About the Author

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