NEW–Tell Your Story: Writing and Publishing for Law Librarians



Write and publish professionally. Tell your story to your colleagues or your management. Details are below. Prepublication prices are in effect through February 29, 2020.

1 copy for $40; 2 for $76; 3 for $108, 4 for $136, 5 for $160. For higher quantities, please use the contact form


Forthcoming, Spring 2020. Write and publish! Inform, educate, and persuade your readers. Publish in legal publications and library publications. Chapters will include:

  • Why write?
  • Writing well
  • How to begin
  • Obstacles to writing
  • Writing for a legal audience
  • Write for a librarian audience
  • Writing in various formats
  • Working with editors
  • Dealing with revisions and rejection
  • Solo authorship vs. collaboration
  • Writing groups and other feedback
  • Working as an editor
  • Library association writing initiatives
  • Author and style guidelines
  • Published law librarians
  • Writing exercises
  • In conclusion: write now!
  • Selected resources

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