Our Law Library Services


Legal Information Services has provided outsourced library services to a variety of organizations since 1978. Outsourcing is a cost-effective strategy to manage and maintain your library and your library collection. We provide high-quality services on a part-time basis, both long-term and short-term. We offer flexible schedules designed to meet the client’s need and budget.

Our services include the following:

Law Library Consultation and Management

We will

  • Evaluate your collection and provide a written report identifying the status of your collection and our recommendations
  • Plan and coordinate your library relocation or expansion (space planning, remodeling, new construction)
  • Evaluate your use of library technologies and provide a written report describing your current use of library technologies and our recommendations
  • Assist in long-range planning (budgeting, space planning, personnel, online research, training)
  • Prepare an inventory of your library collection
  • Prepare budgets and usage reports; deliver ongoing fiscal data
  • Train in-house personnel

Law Library and Collection Maintenance

We will

  • Open and process mail
  • Check-in materials
  • Circulate materials
  • File looseleaf services and other supplements, including pocket parts
  • Claim missing pages and supplements and communicate with publishers regarding problems and other issues
  • Shelve books
  • Process and approve library invoices for payment; track expenditures
  • Provide library staff for long-term or short-term work

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