Tell Your Story: Writing and Publishing for Law Librarians



Write and publish professionally. Tell your story to the legal community or the library community. Details are below.

1 copy: $90; 2 copies: $171; 3 copies: $243; 4 copies: $306; 5 copies: $360. For higher quantity orders. please contact us.


Writing is good for you, for the profession, and for your employer. Write and publish in legal publications and library publications. Inform, educate, and persuade your readers. 145 pages. Price includes priority shipping within the US.


  • Introduction and note to readers
  • Chapter 1. Why write?: benefits and rewards
  • Chapter 2. Writing well (in plain English)
  • Chapter 3. Obstacles to writing
  • Chapter 4. Writing externally for a legal audience
  • Chapter 5. Writing externally for a librarian audience
  • Chapter 6. Writing in various formats/different types of writing
  • Chapter 7. How to begin
  • Chapter 8. Effective writing habits
  • Chapter 9. Solo authorship or collaboration?
  • Chapter 10. Writing groups and other feedback from colleagues
  • Chapter 11. Working with editors; the editorial process
  • Chapter 12. Dealing with revisions and rejection
  • Chapter 13. Serving as an editor, peer reviewer, or editorial board member
  • Chapter 14. Where to publish
  • Chapter 15. Author guidelines and publication style guidelines
  • Chapter 16. AALL grants, awards, programs, and initiatives
  • Chapter 17. LIS curriculum; student writing and publishing
  • Chapter 18. Published law librarians
  • Chapter 19. Writing exercises and writing guides
  • Chapter 20. In conclusion: write and publish now!
  • Selected resources
  • About the Author

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