The Legal Research Dictionary: from Advance Sheets to Pocket Parts, 4th edition



Complements Legal Research Q&A: 401 Flashcards with Companion Looseleaf and Legal Research FAQs: 189 Ready Answers.  Hundreds of legal research and legal bibliography terms defined with extensive cross-references. The new fourth edition has been revised and expanded. ISBN 0-941991-80-6.

1 copy: $140; 2 copies; $252; 3 copies: $357; 4 copies: $448; 5 copies: $525. Books must be mailed to the same address. For higher quantity orders, please contact us.


New! The revised and expanded fourth edition (twice as long as the third edition) will be available in June, 2024. Earlier editions have been purchased by law libraries, non-law libraries, and legal researchers around the world.

Find the definitions you need of hundreds of terms used in legal research and bibliography. Coverage includes the judicial, legislative and executive branches of federal, state, and local government.  Multiple cross-references are provided to related terms. Each defined term is further explained with additional details and commentary. With clear definitions of both basic and complex terms, the Dictionary is an excellent resource for both beginning and experienced legal researchers, and for any librarian who answers legal research questions.

Among the hundreds of legal terms defined in the dictionary are the following:

  • act
  • advance sheets
  • advisory opinion
  • annotated code
  • annotation
  • blue book
  • calendar
  • citator
  • code
  • decision
  • digest
  • executive order
  • headnote
  • historical comment
  • judicial council
  • key number
  • later case service
  • legislative history
  • local law
  • memorandum opinion
  • model code
  • nominative reporter
  • parallel citation
  • pocket part
  • primary authority
  • restatement
  • secondary authority
  • session law
  • slip law
  • slip opinion
  • special statute
  • uncodified
  • uniform act

The Legal Research Dictionary: from Advance Sheets to Pocket Parts, fourth edition, revised and expanded is an essential reference title for attorneys, law students, library staff, paralegals, and others. Compiled by Elyse H. Fox, JD, MSLS.  Ms. Fox has worked as a law librarian for 40+ years.  She previously practiced law in Chicago and Boston and taught legal research.

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