Write Your Annual Report: A Guide for Law Librarians



Provide accountability and show your value, whatever the size and type of your library—law firm, corporate, government, or academic. Report your achievements, services, challenges, and goals. Learn why you should write an annual report, how to write an annual report, and what you must include. PLUS: a section on writing your annual report after COVID. Write your annual report in 2022!

125 pages, ISBN 978-0-941991-70-9. Our new title has been purchased by private, academic, and government law libraries around the world.

Praise from the law librarian community:

“… The author clearly explains the benefits of writing annual reports and encourages those who have no obligation to write such a report. Arguments include visibility, keeping the lines of communication open, highlighting accomplishments and other common sense benefits. When brought together in a single list like this, it is really useful… I’m certainly glad that I invested the time in reading this and I do feel inspired to turn my… brief end of year report into something far more polished and relevant with the help of this Guide.” Fiona Fogden, (Reed Smith, London), Legal Information Management 22:2 June, 202.2): 107.

“… The book [has] 20 chapters, each dealing with a particular aspect of producing annual reports… For example, Chapter 9, What to Include in Your Annual Report”, provides the reader with sample text from the annual reports of actual libraries. This is especially useful for those writing a report for the first time… The book is strongest when providing practical information on producing an annual report. Several chapters include worksheets with questions and prompts to help the reader construct their report, such as the useful style guidelines Fox provides in Chapter 18…” Susannah Tredwell (DLA Piper, Vancouver), Canadian Law Library Review 47:3 (November, 2022): 26.

1 copy: $100; 2 copies: $190; 3 copies: $270; 4 copies: $340; 5 copies: $400. Books must be shipped to the same address. For higher quantity orders, please contact us.


Write your annual report!  Published in 2022. Author: Elyse H. Fox, BA, JD, MSLS. Ms. Fox has worked as a law librarian for 40+ years in law firm, corporate, membership, and academic law libraries. Previously she practiced law and taught legal research. She writes frequently on law library management, legal research, and legal bibliography.



  1. What is a library annual report?
  2. Why write an annual report? What librarians say (and write) about annual reports
  3. Purposes and benefits of writing an annual report
  4. Obstacles to writing the annual report; reasons why librarians don’t write one
  5. Operate your library/information center as a business within a business
  6. Writing your first report/writing after a lapse/writing after COVID-19
  7. Who should write the annual report?
  8. Always focus on your readers
  9. What to include in your annual report
  10. Specific formats and types of presentation
  11. Your quantitative data (metrics) and qualitative data (stories and testimonials)
  12. When to write and distribute it
  13. Feedback from your readers; meeting with management
  14. Evaluating the effectiveness of your annual report
  15. Excerpts from library annual reports
  16. Awards for library annual reports
  17. Writing exercises and style guidelines
  18. Get into the annual report mindset and write your annual report!
  19. Selected resources
  20. About the Author

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