Resources in Third-Party Legal Opinion Letters



Sources of discussion about third-party opinion letters and sources of actual opinion letters; bar association activities and model opinions; and bibliography.

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Fills in a huge gap in the literature. A go-to resource for librarians, lawyers, and legal researchers. 97 pages. Published in 2014. ISBN 978-0-941991-06-7. Compiler: Elyse H. Fox, BA, JD, MSLS. Ms. Fox has worked as a law librarian for 40+ years. She previously practiced law in Chicago and Boston.


  1. Introduction and note from author
  2. What is a third-party legal opinion?
  3. United States third-party legal opinion practice
  4. Legal standards and opinion liability
  5. Law firm opinion practice
  6. Selected sources of legal opinion letters and discussion
    • bankruptcy/reorganization/security interest/U.C.C.
    • business/corporate
    • financing/loan
    • health care industry
    • international
    • limited liability companies
    • mergers and acquisitions
    • real property/land use/environment/water/oil and gas/mining
    • securities/stock
    • tax
    • miscellaneous
  7. The players (legal organizations and bar associations)
  8. Bibliography: bar association materials, reports, statements (selected)
  9. Bibliography: treatises/books and chapters (selected)
  10. Bibliography: online and print articles (selected)
  11. Bibliography: CLE program materials and forms (selected)
  12. Law school curriculum (selected)

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