Legal Research Q&A: 401 Flashcards with Companion Looseleaf



401 flashcards printed on heavy card stock with storage bag and companion looseleaf book. Complements The Legal Research Dictionary: from Advance Sheets to Pocket Parts and Legal Research FAQs: 189 Ready Answers. Full description below.

1 copy: $80; 2 copies: $138; 3 copies: $192; 4 copies: $240; 5 copies: $280. Books must be shipped to the same address. For higher quantity orders, please contact us.


Fun, portable, effective! A practical refresher tool and educational tool for librarians, law students, lawyers (and summer associates), paralegals, and legal researchers. Law schools teach legal research with our flashcards. Over 400 flashcards printed on heavy card stock with storage bag and companion looseleaf book. Three types of questions: true/false; multiple choice; and fill-in-the-blank. Published in 2011. Take advantage of our close out special while inventory lasts (limited quantities).

Sample questions:


Unpublished opinions may subsequently be designated for publication (true/false).

True. Court rules may provide procedures by which a party’s attorney or a pro se party may move for publication of an unpublished opinion. For example, North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure 30(e)(4) states: “Counsel of record … may move for publication of an unpublished opinion, citing reasons based on Rule 30(e)(1)…”


Broadly speaking, what categories of legal authority are considered statutory?

Constitutions; legislation; treaties (federal); administrative rules (delegated legislation); court rules; interstate compacts.


Indexes, digests, annotations and citators are what type of authority:

  1. primary
  2. secondary
  3. they are not authority.

c. They are not authority; they are only finding tools.

Author: Elyse Fox, BA, JD, MSLS.  Ms. Fox has worked as a law librarian for 40+ years.  She previously practiced law in Chicago and Boston.  She also taught legal research to law students and practicing attorneys.  Ms. Fox writes frequently on legal research and law library management.

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